At home today…

I can count the number of times I have been sick. Once in 1991, 2000 and now 2018. I think it was all due to my family doctor growing up. When we would get sick he would just tell us to ride it out. I really can’t recall any medicine. It could have been a financial thing, medicine cost money which was something that wasn’t always available.

Today I watch Flint Town on Netflix, all eight episodes.

I am at a loss.

The water crisis alone is staggering, then the crime and loss of jobs. I can’t imagine what they face every single day.

I wonder how many of these issues are within our own communities and we don’t even know it.

3 thoughts on “At home today…

  1. Flint’s problems water problem started when they lost control of their city to a state appointed city manager. As a money saving move they were forced to switch to an inferior water source. To compound the problem the management further penny pinched and did not treat the water causing it to corrode water pipes.
    Only a free press revealed this.


  2. I can’t believe you have been sick that few of times!! I hope you feel better soon. The only perk of being sick is time to watch things you never have time for. I’ll have to check that out on Netflix, it sounds interesting.


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