A Billion False Starts

I have written a bunch of posts but never hit the publish button.

Sometimes I worry they aren’t good enough.

Sometimes it is because they are too many choice words. Tim O’Brien mentioned something that made me laugh. He said something to the effect of you can’t expect people in the military to not speak a certain way. The choice language is just how we think, talk and interact with each other.

I drafted a few things about my brother. I am shocked he had my dog tag and Marine Corps ring after all these years. The electrical tape was still on the tag, I wonder if I ever told him what used to be attached to it.

Sometimes I was a random question I had that I thought about texting him but I can’t, he is gone.

Listening to Tim today someone asked him what kind of audience kids should write for. Well maybe that wasn’t the exact question but it is close. He said don’t write for an audience, write for the heart.

Maybe that is what I needed to hear.

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