Zombie Riot Squad

I bought the domain zombieziotsqaud.com and redirected it to this site. The back story to this is sad and somewhat funny.

I was in Minnesota in the beginning of June, my brother was dying in the hospital. We were all gathered in one of the family rooms talking. At some point a random man walked into the room talking. I was pretty sure he was talking to someone on a bluetooth headset, his hair was pretty long.

After a minute or so he layed down on the ground right in front of one of the doors. I still thought all was good, there were two doors and maybe he was dealing with some pretty heavy news.

I was telling a story about when PT, my older brother, got me a job at Pizza Hut. It was only a temporary gig at some music festival. One of the performers happened to be Sinead O’Connor. The second I mentioned her the floor guy starts singing her songs.

We all stopped talking and just listened. I leaned over to notice he didn’t have a headset in and what I thought was a large energy drink was actually beer.

The guy then started telling stories about how many fights he had been in and that he was part of a gang called Zombie Riot Squad. He kept saying Zombie Riot Squad over and over again.

He wasn’t talking to us or really anyone else. Just talking out loud.

I don’t know why but that name just stuck with me. I felt compelled to buy the domain but I really don’t know why. I just needed it.

I like thinking about it, I know PT would have loved this story.

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