What goes up.


When I was younger any trip that included a hotel was the best. I’m pretty sure that you could have left me in that place and I would have been super happy. Not sure why but I always loved them. From HoJo to a Best Western, they were all better than Disney. Maybe it was eating a restaurant or the fact that every single hotel had a TV that worked, something we did not always have.

Most of these trips happened because of my grandparents. They would pick us up in St. Paul and drive us to Athens. This trip included two nights in predetermined hotels and outlet shops. Gramps always had the route mapped out, lunch stops included. Grandma had the outlets planned so she could buy us clothes, but mostly church appropriate shorts. I still can’t believe my grandma let me wear shorts to church. Maybe it was because it was a billion degrees in Georgia or it was to quiet the complaining. I never liked going to church.

I am fortunate enough to be in Texas for a conference and staying in another hotel. The image above is the keypad in the elevator. I stepped into the elevator upon arrival and stopped cold. I was choked up, even now. The last time I was in an elevator was at the hospital saying goodbye. My brother, only 48, died suddenly. Still no reason. Said it was natural causes.

Still raw from all the emotions. Makes me think of baggage and how much we all carry.  I wonder how many people I work with see things like a keypad and get swept away. Maybe the smells from school lunch brings a student crashing back into some memory.

Not sure how we can look for for these signs. Maybe just being aware, observant and ready to help. Help with space and support.

*I wrote this without editing and in one shot. I’m sure there are errors but I can’t go back at this time. Harder than I thought to relive.

3 thoughts on “What goes up.

  1. Memories intrigue me, especially since my grandma has been diagnosed with dementia. What causes certain triggers like smells, songs, and yes, even elevators. I hope writing this memory will bring you some peace and maybe change the memory to the goods ones. As I sure there are many.


  2. Hmmmm… very thought-provoking and touching post. You never know what will trigger the memory of a person or experience. It’s interesting how living can alter our memories of things such as hotels.To my own kids, hotels were always like a big fancy playground. However, as we age, more associations become attached to them. Interesting. I’m sorry about your brother. Much too young. Thank you for posting.


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