Being a parent means you will be waiting a lot.

Last night I sat outside while Sam had her private music lesson. It can be a long thirty minutes in the car.

Tomorrow we take Aidan to a drum lesson. For those thirty minutes I sit in front of a little stage. Four random kids practice week after week the same 21 Pilots song, over and over again.

Friday night from 8-9 and Saturday from 1-2 I sit in the karate studio while the kids practice. Those are some smelly hours.

Those are just some of the times I just sit and wait.

I also think of the hundreds of dollars that we pay for this privilege. I really mean that. When I wrote the check for Sam’s lessons I smiled. I felt proud that I am able to do this for her.

When I was young I dreamed of playing sports, any sport. I so wished I could take music lessons of any kind but none of this was in the cards. Some days it was luck that we had money to buy milk for breakfast.

Sometimes life is fulled of these choices. We could either be annoyed or proud, mad or happy. While it isn’t easy I try to look for tiny little diamond among the coal.

2 thoughts on “Being a parent means you will be waiting a lot.

  1. I love the theme of sacrifice throughout this piece–the time and the financial resources to support your kids in doing things they love or that may help them learn something new. Even though the sitting around waiting part isn't fun, watching kids grow and change absolutely is. I agree with Kevin–bring a good book!


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