You can’t do it alone.

Just saw the Lego Batman movie today. The big message was the same as last time, you can’t do it alone.

Sometimes I think people want the glory, maybe it is a trust issue but I struggle to see why people insist to go it alone when there is a team ready to help.

6 thoughts on “You can’t do it alone.

  1. I hear your point, but maybe some folks have been burned by a team that was supposed to help and have trust issues because of it. I've been in that situation before and it can be very hard to trust again.


  2. I wrote about the same theme after the boys in my life dragged me to this movie! This idea seems especially relevant right now. I'm constantly wondering why some teams work so well and others just don't. I think sometimes we think our “team” has to be the people in our same grade level at our same school. Thanks for being one of the people who have helped teach me how untrue that assumption is!


  3. >you can't do it alone.< I coach basketball, and this theme comes up again and again. You can't win playing one on five, so why try it? Sometimes, the girls listen (8th graders), and sometimes, we play one on five. Guess what, usually, I'm right about these things! 🙂 Thank you for sharing with us!


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