It is always the darkest before the light.

There are so many changes happening here in the district. I think this uncertainty will be with us for the next two or three years. That is a very long time to be living on the edge. 
I was just about to start a session with some teachers and the sky caught my eye.
There were times in my life that I spent many hours outside. It was always the coldest and darkest just before the Sun started to rise. 
I took another picture a few minutes later. While it was still pretty cold the colors began to really emerge. 
While it is always darkest before the light, the light always comes. Sometimes not right away, sometimes not exactly how you imaged it but it comes.
Maybe the survival tactic is being the light for those who can’t see the light, those who don’t remember that the light always shines again.
Then again maybe it the old idea of some see the glass as half empty and some see it as half full. Did you know that there is a lesser known third option? That same exact glass is simply refillable. 

2 thoughts on “It is always the darkest before the light.

  1. As I was reading this the song “Endless Night” from Broadway's The Lion King popped into my head.

    I know that the night must end
    And that the sun will rise
    And that the sun will rise
    I know that the clouds must clear

    Looking at the more positive aspect of a situation can make all the difference.
    And that the sun will shine


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