Making Your Own Sunshine

Saw this a while back and loved the idea. These past few weeks have been pretty difficult at work and I predict the next few will be the same.
So what am I doing to create my own sunshine?
Talked to a few teachers who I know are just happy people. That totally helps.
We have a 1/2 day tomorrow. Usually I would just work. Tomorrow I’m picking up the middle schooler and we are going out to lunch. Then maybe a bakery. 
I’m setting up my calendar now for next week. I am creating opportunities of greatness. 
In the Corps we used to say the sometimes false moto (motivation) was the only motivation that could be found and it was good enough. I guess a modern day version would be fake it till you make it and that isn’t 1/2 bad advice.

3 thoughts on “Making Your Own Sunshine

  1. Well, I wonder if I should be inspired by such an honest, sort of blue piece. But I am. I especially like your line about getting your calendar set up to allow you to “create opportunities of greatness.” So you are working actively to make good things happen. I agree with your false moto and fake it… advice. One piece of advice I use when I feel this way is 90% is showing up. So we show up!
    I think you and your middle schooler will really enjoy your time together and get something good at the bakery!


  2. I am inspired by your drive to make some sunshinee. It's important to find the positive people and hang out with them, when you can! Enjoy your 1/2 day!


  3. My best friend and I decided last year around April that we would “fake it til we make it” in the realm of happiness. I've got to say, it is the best decision I ever made. We create our own happiness, sunshine, and energy and we do our best to emit it upon everyone we come in contact with. Oddly enough, even if your faking that smile…it will bring a genuine smile to someone else in need. Glad your creating your own sunshine and you have strategies to do so!


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