Summer 2017

We are deep into creating some classes for our teachers this summer. What I want to do is create some fun while learning at the same time.

This is something that was on a series of Post-Its and in my paper notebook. Trying to get the wording just right. This just a draft.

  Have you ever seen a picture someone took and it just spoke to you? You try to recreate it but struggle to find that original spark. It is almost as if the photographer has some kind of magical formula.
  Join us as we discover the art of cell phone photography. We will learn how to set up that right shot, edit it and share you new creation. You will learn the techniques to make your shots as memorable as the professionals.
  These techniques can be applied when you add images to your Facebook pages and blogs. The ideas can also be quickly taught to your students to help them create images that will bring their projects to life.
Install these free apps on your mobile device:

  • Google photos
  • Snapseed
  • picmonkey
Summer is a time for renewal and trying new things. Creating a class that is 100% student focused isn’t always the right mix. Too hard to imagine a class you have never met. We also just wrapped up some of the most stressful weeks of the year, why add to that stress?
What we are thinking is teaching how to get a good shot, use an app to edit it and then share it. This is super useful for the summer as most teachers are at home with their own kids. We all take a billion pictures, why not learn a few things to get the most out of each shot?

5 thoughts on “Summer 2017

  1. I love summer training! There always seems to be more time in the summer to focus. I always have a special project for the summer – sometimes it is reading the same author all summer or to read books that are typically on a high school reading list or a reading list from a college class!


  2. How awesome that you are designing some FUN classes for your teachers for this summer! Those skills they learn will be applicable to their classroom too. Wish I was in your district!


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