Is it ever good enough?

Was reading about all the websites that were down the other day. It appears someone at Amazon typed in in incorrect letter or symbol which resulted in many websites inaccessible.

I looked up AWS and it appears they have a 99% up time. 99% of the time everything is perfect. I wish I had that level of amazingness.

Reminds me a little of that awards show. Someone made a small error and they are now fired.

Both of these were human errors. As far as I know no one lost a life. Maybe some were disappointed in not winning or accessing some website.

Certain elements of the media were all over these mistakes. How do we keep pushing our teachers and students if the general public seems to celebrate the negative sides of failure?

I’m confident that Amazon will create a new solution to prevent this mistake from happening again. They will learn from the mistake. I think that is what we need to report on and investigate.

Someone told me it wasn’t how many times you fall down, you just need to keep getting up.

6 thoughts on “Is it ever good enough?

  1. Yes, we tell our students that failure to good, that you learn from mistakes, and then in the “real world” people get fired. Someone recently told me that there's now a management technique for improving your team by firing the weakest member, even if that person is doing a fine job. I was horrified.


  2. So true! We are trying to teach our kiddos that our brain keeps growing every time we make mistakes. I'd like to think even as an adult this is true. Thanks for this post! 🙂


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