What makes a family?

Once a week for two and a half years I spent with a small cohort of people. Some I can’t recall their names and the faces are fading from memory but others remain intact. It is like a few of those people became like family and when you see them it is like reuniting with that long lost cousin. 
Today was one of those reunions. My friend Mel stopped by to just say hello. She dropped off this bottle of water and some cookies. I’m pretty sure this water got us through some of those super long nights sitting in classrooms after spending all day in classrooms.
I sometimes wonder why I ever went back to school. 

One thought on “What makes a family?

  1. I can remember some long nights spent with other teachers engaged in learning outside of the classroom as well. Some of them are my closest friends now. There is comfort in numbers with those we share like experiences whether they be joyous or challenging! Thanks for reminding me of those days! And welcome to SOLC!


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