Letting Go.

I bought a new car the other day. This is the first new car I have ever purchased and it is kinda amazing. This one has something that caught me off guard, adaptive cruise control which means it almost drives itself on the highway. Once I turn it on the car will maintain proper distance, hold to the very center of the lane and steer all on its own.

The other night I took my hands off the wheel to show the family how amazing it was while on the highway. While the car was flawless it really freaked everyone out, they were just not ready for this kind of tech.

Letting go is never easy. My first car was when I was 27 which was the year I got my license, which is a whole series of slices to explain. While I have not driven as long as most people I have gotten used to being in total control. I control all aspects of the car. The radio, temperature, the seat to how fast we are cruising. Now so much is changing. While I might control when I turn some of the tech on, once I empower the car my control diminishes somewhat.

This was also the first time we did not turn a car in when buying another. The old car now becomes the kids. This is a huge change.

I used to drive her places which meant I controlled most of what happened. I knew where she was most every minute of most every day.

Right now the kids are remote three days a week, in school the other days.

One day the two of them ventured to the grocery alone, which is only about a mile down the road. That was not very stressful, both kids were together meaning they had each other if something when wrong.

Yesterday was a remote learning day. We got a text with Sam asking if she could drive up to school for play practice. This meant she would drive there and back alone. While I knew this was coming I still paused wondering if she was ready.

Letting go is never easy. There are many big steps we need to do on our own and each one is a huge teachable moment.

When I got home it was almost like Sam was now a full foot taller. She was so proud of herself. Right there I knew she had grown just a wee little bit.

But her room is still a small disaster. Dishes are still kinda done. Growth comes slowly, just like letting go.