Is it ever enough?

How do you get your kids ready for the world?

What conversations do you have to get them ready for what might happen?

How do you balance it between the good and evil?

Both kids have been in karate for years, maybe 7-8.

We chose this place because it is a bit gritty. The messages they are given and the lessons that are taught are exactly what I think they need.

Last night they had a chat about what is happening to another classmate at school. Something that terrifies me as a father of a middle school-aged kids.

4 thoughts on “Is it ever enough?

  1. Being a parent is the scariest job I have ever done. And it gets scarier the older they get (my sons are 22 and 24). You can’t really protect them, you just have to teach them to make good choices, and then you have to be there to love them like crazy and support them as they pick p the pieces after they make bad ones! Hang in there.


  2. My kids are 32 and 36. They are both great adults and parents. You just keep talking and doing the best you can. Then you cross your fingers and hope they make the right decisions. Lead by example. Sounds like you are doing a great job so far.


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